Project Description

Say goodbye to cellulite and tone skin with radiofrequency skin tightening!

Venus Legacy is a non-surgical radiofrequency skin tightening, collagen generating device that’s safe on all skin tones. Its pulsed electromagnetic and Varipulse design tightens the skin, smooths cellulite, reduces fat circumference and softens wrinkles on the face and body. Skin tightening effects are achieved by damaging the existing collagen of the existing tissue to stimulate the body’s healing response to generate new collagen and adding to your “collagen bank.” This wound healing response creates a smoother appearance to the skin, smoothens cellulite and diminishes wrinkles. Pulsed electromagnetic fields increase the vascularity of the skin and create new pathways for the blood to flow which brings more nutrients to the tissue. Venus Legacy treatments produce dynamic results that leave you with a more youthful and fresh glow after even just one treatment with best results seen after a series of treatments. 

Treatment areas:
Flank (Love handles)

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.